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Molding has been in practice since the early days of metal forging and manufacturing. It continues to be in use even today, although the equipment and techniques use to perform it have evolved tremendously.

Sperry and Rice LLC. has specialized in extruding, finishing and molding of rubber products for over 70 years. With an impressive clientele that backs our claims of quality products and extensive pre and post sales service, our company provides products and services that are second to none. And the scenario is no different when it comes to molding. At Sperry and Rice LLC. we cater to customers from the appliance, HVAC and automobile industries providing components tailored for use in a variety of different equipments and machines.

Three of our primary molding operations include:

Compression Molding

As the name indicates, compression molding involves placing a piece of crude rubber on a plate that has grooves to shape it into a specific shape. This lump of rubber is then compressed with another plate from above and then heated. The melted rubber sets into the compartments that are the shape it has to be in. Once the settled rubber is cooled and cured it is then removed to be used.
Compression molding is one of the simplest forms of molding; it costs the lowest and has the shortest production time. However, it produces only intermediate products that might then be required to be subjected to transfer or injection molding.

Injection Molding

In contrast to compression molding where pressure and heat is applied to force a piece of rubber into shape, injection molding involves transferring liquid rubber into a cast of the required shape. The molten rubber is then cured, left to set and then removed.
This process minimizes wastes while lowering production costs at the same time. It is used in manufacturing automotive dashboard components, wire spools, bottle caps and packaging materials. The products obtained are final products that can be readily used where necessary.

Transfer Molding

Sperry and Rice LLC. provides state of the art transfer molding services. Transfer molding is one of the finest molding techniques of modern times. It combines the concept of compression and transfer molding and involves introducing a piece of rubber as in compression molding that is then transferred into a heated mold.

Much like injection molding it offers a shorter production cycle and creates much more tolerant and durable products than compression molding. It is used in the production of plugs, circuits and coils that require a certain level of precision in order to be used appropriately.

Sperry and Rice LLC. has pioneered a wide variety extrusion, finishing and mandrel forming processes in order to guarantee absolute customer satisfaction. Our teams engage clients from the design to delivery process and ensure that their expectations are met accurately.

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