Quality Controlled Processes Performed on State of the Art Equipment to Ensure Finesse in Products and Impeccable Customer Satisfaction.

Sperry and Rice LLC. has pioneered the process of rubber extrusion for almost seven decades. With products of the most exclusive quality and customer support that is unparalleled, our operations leave little to be desired by customers.

Rubber extrusion has been around for centuries and the process still lives on due to its application in various industries like power, insulation and manufacturing. At Sperry and Rice LLC. we provide a wide range of extrusion services that allow customizations and meet requirements from customers that belong to a variety of industries.

Continuous Vulcanization (CV) Extrusion Lines

Named after Vulcan, the Greek god of fire, vulcanization is the process of increasing the robustness of rubber by heating it with sulfur. This increases the tensile strength of rubber allowing it to be stretched to greater lengths or molded into much more precise shapes. Our continuous vulcanization extrusion lines churn out sturdy extruded rubber products.

Dedicated Hose Extrusion Lines

Rubber tubes and hoses are used everywhere from households to large scale manufacturing industries. Vehicles, airplanes, electrical appliances and even industrial equipment use hoses of some kind. However, each industry and even more specifically, different operations and machines inside the same industry require hoses of varying specifications. Sperry and Rice LLC. specializes in providing immaculate products to every client with our dedicated hose extrusion lines that offer other diverse features too.

Cold-Feed Extruders

The process is used to manufacture a number of components for tires, cable coating and hoses etc. Cold-feeding allows much more personalization on the same machine without having to alter its specifications every now and then allowing a much more accurate and finer finish.

Ink-Jet Printing Technology

At Sperry and Rice LLC. we offer depth in customization because we believe every customer and the exact requirements that they define for their products matter the most. In order to cater to customers that require printing on the extruded products we offer processes that produce products that don’t fade or deteriorate within short period of time.
  • Marking
  • Striping
  • In-process measurement technology
Our products are monitored and analyzed for precision at every step starting from the initial design and planning all the way to the point where the finished item leaves the extrusion line. This allows us to be able to provide customers with products that allow them to reap maximum client satisfaction and praise.

Hot Feed Extrusion Lines for Low-Volume and Custom Extrusion Applications

Differing for cold feed extrusion in lift and drag ratios, hot feed extrusion allows production of extruded products of smaller lengths and diameters that are used in specialized parts in a variety of industries.

Sperry and Rice LLC. has built a name for itself by creating an impressive clientele that boasts of extensive attention to detail be it in the field of product design and development or customer support both pre- and post- sales.

For further details on the numerous products and services that we offer, visit our website or contact us today in order to receive further guidance from a team member.
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