Electric Utility Line Hoses, Traffic Tubing, Squeegees, Buggy Wheels, Drum Seals, Electrical Cord Protectors & Windshield Washer Tubing

Sperry & Rice produces custom rubber, sponges, and plastic components used across countless industries. While we do serve the Appliance, Automotive, HVAC and Truck and Bus industries, we also serve a variety of customers coast to coast and in every imaginable line of work.

Our line of products is too extensive and field-specific to list in its entirety, but here are some you might recognize:
  • Electric Utility Line Hoses
  • Traffic Tubing
  • Squeegies
  • Buggy Wheels
  • Drum Seals
  • Electrical Cord Protector
  • Windshield Washer Tubing
No request is too unusual and no order is too small.

We can manufacture any extruded or sponge rubber component, with any number of variables, including projects that require:
  • Multiple extrusion lines
  • Two rubber mixing facilities
  • Wide profiles
  • Hoses up to 4” wide
  • Wire insertion
  • TPV slip-coats
  • Adhesives such as PSA / HATS / VHB
  • UV primers
  • Striping
  • Ink-jet printing
  • Complex shapes
  • In-line automation. 
We tailor our products to suit the needs of our clients, instead of asking our clients to conform to our pre-selected specifications. Contact us to find out how our engineering expertise can help your business.
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Quality ISO Certification
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