Finishing Techniques That Ensure Products That Stand the Test of Time and the Elements to an Astounding Extent.

Sperry and Rice LLC. has been serving the industry for almost 70 years with techniques and products that always exceed customer expectations in every way. Our company pools the best of its resources and abilities to ensure that our processes, equipment and standards are always up to date with the latest developments and trends. Performing a plethora of extrusion and finishing operations, our team of professionals never fails to guarantee that the customer is on board from the design process to the final delivery and even beyond that.

Our Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) application capabilities are state of the art of industry standard compliant allowing our products to be bonded immaculately. This in turn results in reliability and durability that generates loyalty and customer retention over long periods of time.

What is PSA?

Pressure sensitive adhesive application makes use of pressure to apply and activate adhesives onto extruded rubber products. Unlike other traditional bonding agents that require heat or solvents to activate, PSA allows the bonding agent and its effects to last longer with lower chances of the process reversing due to influencing elements that the product might be exposed to.

Applications of PSA

Pressure sensitive adhesive applications can be permanent or removable. Applications of permanent PSA include interior assemblies for vehicles, safety labels for electrical appliances and sound or vibration reducing films. Examples of removable PSA include skin contact, price labels and promotional graphic material etc.

The degree and type of bond that is formed be it permanent or removable depends on the amount of pressure with which the adhesive is applied. Varying with the amount of pressure, the adhesive forms a variety of chemical bonds that in turn determine the amount of hold that it will provide.
Sperry and Rice LLC. specializes in all kinds of rubber based PSA finishes. Depending on customer requirements and in order to satisfy these to the fullest our team of experts ensures a top notch execution on every product from beginning to the end.

We provide a wide range of extrusion as well as finishing services that are industry compliant and quality controlled to meet customer expectations completely.

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