Specializing in the finest quality extruded rubber products for over 70 years, Sperry and Rice LLC has made a name for itself that is synonymous with innovation, finesse and unparalleled levels of meeting customer expectations. Our products are tailored specifically to meet requirements provided by clients that belong to a variety of industries including automotive, HVAC and appliances. Our products cover a variety of domains including hoses, vibration control components, coatings and seals, etc.

Sperry and Rice LLC takes pride in its customer involvement oriented operations that make sure that our teams take clients onboard from the beginning of the design process by integrating their requirements and providing some valuable feedback and recommendations based on our experiences. This approach continues throughout the manufacturing all the way to final delivery and post purchase customer service.

Door and Window Seals

Customized for the automotive industry and purpose designed to fit all kinds of vehicles including trucks and buses, these seals offer protection to internal components of the vehicles in order to ensure durability and long life.

Drum Seals

Drum seals allow chemicals and other material to be transported and stored in a secure manner. These extruded rubber seals can be manufactured precisely according to the requirements provided by clients - allowing them to fit any and all kinds of drums and vessels.

Duct or Pipe Seals

Customized sizes and lengths of pipe and duct seals that ensure pipes fit onto their respective hoses perfectly and that ducts are completely barricaded against dust, air, gas, fire, water or other elements that might damage the things behind them. Sperry and Rice LLC manufactures duct and pipe seals for all kinds of equipment - from the appliances and HVAC to automotive industries, among others.

Rubber Seals

Rubber seals are utilized in a host of different places to serve a variety of purposes, chief among which is the same: protection. When properly manufactured, rubber seals can last a long time while providing resistant to the elements inside from the harmful agents on the outside.

Damper Blade Seals

Protecting HVAC damper ducts from corrosion and damage from seepages, damper blade seals allow heating and cooling systems inside homes to be more efficient and reduce energy bills.

Retainer Seals

Sperry and Rice provides and wide range of solutions to truck and bus manufacturers including windshield glazers, side extenders and retainer seals. Our state-of-the-art equipment and latest techniques allow finesse in the finished products ensuring long time reliability and durability.

Wire Embedded Seals for Added Stability

Reinforcing extruded rubber steels with wireframes allows them to offer greater tensile strength and stability for automotive components.

Sperry and Rice LLC has built an impressive clientele for itself by providing customers with products that make their finished goods reliable, generating customer retention and loyalty. Our sophisticated processes and experienced teams make sure that even under high pressure circumstances we produce goods of unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.

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