Sperry & Rice LLC. has been producing extruded and molded sponge, rubber and plastic products for a variety of applications since the 1940s. Our services however, are not limited to extrusion and molding as our portfolio expands into finishing, sealing and vibration control components for a variety of industries.

Our vast experience allows us to negotiate a number of complex processes and requirements from clients while meeting tight deadlines. Working under high pressure circumstances does in no way impact the quality of our products and operations as we guarantee flawless design and manufacturing services coupled with extraordinary consumer satisfaction.

Sperry & Rice LLC vibration control applications include:

Spring Mounts

Providing floor and appliance spring mounts to minimize vibration and increase deflection and isolation efficiency. Spring mounts allow greater vibration control and absorption as opposed to rubber mounts and also come in a variety of load bearing options and specifications. Ideally fitted to HVAC appliances they diffuse the vibrations caused by operations of the inner mechanisms to ensure quieter surroundings.

Spring Isolators

Much like mounts, spring isolators allow separation between appliances providing absorption capabilities for considerably large sound frequencies ensuring minimal damage and disturbance to surrounding elements and structures.

Tank Isolators

Tank isolators find a host of applications in a variety of industries. Sperry & Rice LLC offer a wide range of customized, customer specific tank isolators and straps for HVAC, appliances and vehicles. Ideally suited for both fluid and gas containers, these straps and isolators offer increased protection to the tank from rupturing or developing leaks by reducing the vibrations felt by it during operations. Tanks are used in a number of vehicles and appliances to hold a variety of chemicals that can be corrosive, flammable or harmful to the environment.

With the amount of experience held by the team at Sperry & Rice LLC you can rest assured that the quality and durability of the products that are engineered and manufactured according to customer guidelines is exceptional.

Rubber in Shear Mounts/Hangers

Another type of vibration reduction component, rubber in shear mount allows HVAC equipment and appliances to be able to reduce the amount of disturbance that they transfer to the surroundings.

Rubber Pads

Sperry & Rice LLC. produces tailored rubber pads for a host of appliances, HVAC systems and vehicles including trucks and buses. These pads are customized to fit in a variety of places like brakes in vehicles, as insulation and vibration reduction coverings in electrical appliances or HVAC systems and other industries or equipment. Rubber pads are efficient at absorbing heat generated due to friction thus reducing damage caused by wear and tear tremendously.

Sperry & Rice LLC provides all kinds of extrusion and molding capabilities coupled with coating, sealing and vibration control products and services that are personalized to satisfy customer specifications for a variety of industries and equipment.

For more information on our capabilities and products or to be a part of our extensive clientele, get in touch with our team today.
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