Schematic drawings at Sperry & Rice


The experience and expertise the Sperry & Rice engineers bring to every project is the foundation on which our business is built.

Our engineering staff has decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and applications and can work with your drawings, samples, 3D models, or with your internal engineering staff to design your custom extruded rubber product and create the tooling necessary to manufacture it.

Custom rubber engineering consultation is a part each and every project we engage in. We can work alongside your team to engineer cost savings into your requirements or make suggestions for your existing rubber components. We understand that not every business has the benefit of an in-house engineering team, and in those cases we can also work as your full engineering partner to define and refine your ideas, plans, and drawings.

Consider our engineers, your engineers.

Schematic drawings at Sperry & Rice


Sperry & Rice uses AutoCAD, MasterCAM, and Inventor to engineer your custom designed parts for your project. Once complete, AutoCAD files are custom compiled and uploaded to have your project’s custom tooling created.

In-house tooling

Our highly skilled die designers and machinists will custom manufacture the die(s) for your project. Making high-precision tooling in-house keeps your cost low and ensures that your custom rubber mixture and extrusion profile provide the exact tolerances as required by your project.

Custom profile extrusion

Your extrusion profile will be expertly manufactured to your design specifications.

Consider involving our custom rubber engineers as soon as you start your project to discuss materials, geometry, and other design specifics to get the most from our rubber extrusion expertise.

Want to learn more about our engineering expertise? Contact us for more details.

Sperry & Rice – custom rubber engineers and extrusion experts that manage your project from concept to completion.

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