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Sperry & Rice LLC



The HVAC industry relies on rubber components to move air and fluids, and HVAC units require proper movement of air and fluid to function correctly.

Sperry & Rice has been providing essential custom rubber extrusions to the HVAC industry for more than 8 decades. Our engineers can work with you from concept to completion to identify rubber compounds that best fit your specifications and project budgets and timelines. We understand which rubber compounds perform best in high-heat or extreme cold environments, which materials work best to dampen noise or vibration, which components best handle high or low pressures, and what parts should be made of to resist chemicals.

We can offer our experience and expertise and suggest a wide variety of options for your next HVAC project.

Our engineers and manufacturing teams have extensive experience in sealing systems, air and fluid transfer, and manufacturing under extremely tight tolerances and deadlines. We will ensure your parts remain flexible and maintain their sealing or fluid transferring ability, even in extreme temperatures.

We manufacture millions of mandrel formed hoses for the HVAC industry every year and we can confidently say that no one does it better than we do.

Some of the HVAC applications we create custom parts for include:

  • Access door gaskets
  • Screw cover gaskets
  • Damper blade seals
  • Duct or pipe seals
  • Condensate Tubing
  • Weather-stripping
  • Edge guards
  • Thermal break

We also manufacture vibration, shock, and noise control products for the HVAC industry, including:

  • Waffle and ribbed anti-vibration pads
  • Rubber cork pads
  • Rubber steel pads
  • Spring mounts / spring isolators
  • Spring hangers
  • Rubber in shear mounts / hangers

The Sperry & Rice process is proven, our parts are high quality, delivered on time, and will perform as anticipated.

From concept to completion, it’s Sperry & Rice for custom rubber extrusions for the HVAC industry.

WE ARE PROUDLY ASSOCIATED WITH:   ISO 9001:2015 Certified   ISO 9001:2015 Certified   ISO 9001:2015 Certified



Sperry & Rice LLC has been in the rubber & sponge business since the 1940s. We are proud to offer innovative engineering solutions, advanced manufacturing processes, and comprehensive quality controls to produce precision rubber and cellular components.

Sperry & Rice LLC specializes in products for the following industries:

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Sperry & Rice, LLC

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