Sperry & Rice uses innovative engineering techniques and advanced manufacturing processes to create custom rubber extrusions for the appliance industry.

We have decades of experience creating custom extruded rubber components which are essential to appliance manufacturing and service. We understand the appliance industry’s high quality and performance standards and can design and manufacture components that meet or exceed safety and reliability standards.

Our extruded rubber products are used to seal refrigerator and freezer doors, ensure water is efficiently moved in washing machines, seal dryer doors and dampen harmful vibrations.

Engineering assistance comes standard with every project, and our rubber extrusion experts will ensure each custom rubber part exceeds your specifications. We can also suggest design modifications and rubber compounds that best meet your needs and requirements.

Custom rubber compound expertise helps your project and product be successful. Each appliance rubber extrusion application will have different performance and safety expectations, and our engineers can prepare custom rubber compounds that satisfy your specifications.

Sperry & Rice also specializes in secondary processes that includes marking, die cutting, notching, taping, clamp assembly, and packaging.

Our manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Indiana use state-of-the-art rubber mixing, extrusion and curing technology, and can produce precision-engineered parts for high volume production runs and smaller, short runs. We also design and produce all tooling, like dies, mandrels, and molds, in-house to guarantee that your components are manufactured to your exact specifications and standards.

Sperry & Rice also has unique expertise to help you build quality appliances by leveraging our knowledge of:

  • Mandrel formed hoses
  • Sealing systems
  • Fluid transfer
  • Vibration Control

Our vast mandrel formed hose expertise allows us to manufacture millions of formed hoses every year. We are the authority when it comes to moving air or fluid from one place to another.

Sperry & Rice is your custom rubber extrusion expert from concept to completion, and our process is focused on our customers from beginning to end, ensuring unrivaled quality while meeting each and every project deadline.

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