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Sperry & Rice LLC



Sperry & Rice is proud to be a leading manufacturer of reliable custom rubber extrusions for the automotive industry.

The automotive industry has extremely high quality standards and specifications, and we meet or exceed them, every time. Our 8 decades of experience and expertise means that we can produce extruded rubber parts that meet the strict quality and safety demands of the automotive industry.

Our knowledge can be used to engineer custom shock-absorbing rubber components that help reduce noise and vibrations, keep automotive interiors dry, and move fluids and air to keep automotive systems functioning and safe. From large components to small, Sperry & Rice has the equipment and engineering knowledge to design and manufacture rubber extrusions for the automotive industry.

When you work with Sperry & Rice, you’ll have access to our large range of available component materials for hoses, tubes, seals, gaskets, and more. We can supply custom-extruded or formed products for large production runs or more modest short runs. We mix our own rubber onsite, and our engineers can help during the design phase to suggest formulations that deliver the best performance and cost.

Sperry & Rice is an expert in manufacturing custom formed hoses, a key component in any vehicle. We manufacture millions of mandrel formed hoses every year and provide economical and effective components to move vehicle air and fluid under extreme conditions; a requirement for vehicle safety and performance.

In addition to mandrel formed hoses, we also produce:

  • Door and window seals
  • Sleeves to protect vital components from contact with the frame
  • Tank straps and pads
  • Windshield wiper fluid tubing
  • Wire embedded seals for added stability

For custom rubber extrusions for the automotive industry, Sperry & Rice provides innovation from concept to completion.

WE ARE PROUDLY ASSOCIATED WITH:   ISO 9001:2015 Certified   ISO 9001:2015 Certified   ISO 9001:2015 Certified



Sperry & Rice LLC has been in the rubber & sponge business since the 1940s. We are proud to offer innovative engineering solutions, advanced manufacturing processes, and comprehensive quality controls to produce precision rubber and cellular components.

Sperry & Rice LLC specializes in products for the following industries:

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Sperry & Rice, LLC

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  • – Custom Extruder
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Brookville Plant:
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