(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Rubber

Sperry & Rice has been in the rubber business since the 1940s and we might be a bit biased, but we believe that rubber is one of the most important substances on earth. Consider everything rubber is used for: protective gloves, balloons, roofing membranes, pencil erasers, wetsuits, etc…

5 Advantages of Using a Domestic Supplier

Why do brands and businesses source components and products internationally? Historically, the choice has been based on perceived lower costs. But in today’s economic environment, when costs outside the actual component price are factored in, international sourcing no longer provides as large a cost savings as it has in the past.

How to Get a Quote from Sperry & Rice

At Sperry & Rice, we don’t stock rubber parts. Instead, each part is custom-designed to fit our customer’s requirements and specifications. Let’s run through our quoting process and what we need in order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible.

Economic Impacts of the Supply Chain in 2022

2021 was the year of shortages. Vaccine shortages at the start of the year gave way to growing fears over shortages in turkeys, technology, raw materials, and electronics. While some shortages resolved quickly, others appear to be hanging on.

The Shipping Struggle is Real – Is it Time to Switch to Domestic Suppliers?

The headlines are everywhere and increasing in number. “Supply Chain Ready to Break,” “Global Supply Chains are Falling out of Fashion,” and “Cargo Ships Stuck Offshore for 16 Days.”

Rubber for Engineers

Rubber occurs more often than other materials as it offers lower cost, greater elegance and higher flexibility over other alternatives.

Getting a Quote for Rubber

Many purchasing professionals out there are unaware of essential component information that a rubber manufacturer needs for quoting in their rubber project.

Why Synthetic Rubber Has Unique Significance in Various Industries Today

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of synthetic rubber and why is it considered irreplaceable in various industries.

The Extent of Rubber Usage in the Transportation Industry

Owing to the countless unique properties that rubber has, it is one of the most important elements in the manufacturing of automobiles, airplanes, and trains.

Maintaining Your HVAC Systems

While it is important to never meddle with your HVAC system too much, maintaining it is an important responsibility as an owner.

Custom Extrusions: Plastic and Rubber

The principle difference between plastic and rubber is that plastic can be melted and reused. On the other hand, rubber once in its form remains solid.

Insulation Tools Used By Different Industries

An amazing fact is that most rubber products are widely known for their ability to absorb and disperse force.

Rubber Use in HVAC Companies

Sperry and Rice LLC has been a vital partner to HVAC service providers and appliance manufacturers for many years.

Natural Rubber: The Journey

Natural Rubber is extracted from the sap of trees, specific trees that are found now in places such as Kerala and Sri Lanka where coconuts are in abundance.

How Is Rubber Eco Friendly?

Unexpected environmentally friendly rubber products like recycled rubber sheets are now available quite inexpensively than petroleum-based elastomers.

Synthetic Rubber: Where the Journey Began

Developing synthetic rubber for eclectic use provided the opportunity to give the material specific desirable properties which could be embedded in the material.

Rubber and Plastic Fabrication: Save Production Costs by Choosing the Right Manufacturer

It will always take the right manufacturing partner and solution with the perfect blend of materials to help you take care of a technically complex production cycle to streamline.

Where Innovation Meets Design

Unique to the industry, a company raises the bar on quality by controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish every few intervals, which mainly is a practice that enables the company to better control efficiency as well as quality above all things.

Working on Personalized Customer Specific Automation Solutions for a Competitive, Global Industry

Impressive advancements in plastics and rubber technology have created a new set of industries as well as creating a new stream for new profit gaining opportunities.

Quality Rubber: How and Why the Quality Can Make or Break Your Business

The importance of high quality natural or synthetic rubber is often undermined. The use of rubber in different industries is so crucial that if we remove it from the picture, many industrial processes would come to a screeching halt, as the factories come to a standstill.

The Importance of Quality Rubber Insulation for HVAC Industries

Thanks to the HVAC industry, living comfortably in harsh climatic condition has become possible. We can live in the middle of the deserts with extremely high temperatures and scorching heat without breaking a sweat. We could also be living in subzero temperatures roaming around our house in shorts and tee-shirts not feeling the extreme temperature around us.

Why Rubber Extrusions are Better than Molds

Rubber is a versatile material that has plenty of applications across a number of industries. And it is up to the manufacturers to come up with best quality that adds value to the processes of these concerns. The way they process and produce rubber makes all the difference.

The Numerous Uses of Rubber Seals and the Benefits of Using Them

Rubber, over the years has contributed to various industries. It has led these industries to innovation and advancements, has provided finesse in production, and has met unmatched levels of satisfying the evolving customer expectations and demands.

The Importance of Synthetic Rubber in Today’s World

Our modern society is heavily dependent on the use of rubber – both natural and synthetic.


A very basic definition of a thermoplastic substance is one which becomes plastic when heated to a certain temperature and then hardens upon cooling. An important characteristic of such a material is that it does not stay hard once cooled.

Compression Molding

The process used to mold materials such as preheated polymers, by placing them into a heated, open mold cavity is known as compression molding. This process allows production of parts that are of different complexities, thicknesses and lengths.

Understanding the Different Types of Synthetic Rubber

Rubber, while in its original form, is literally useless. It is only in large chemical plants where different kinds of chemicals are added with various minerals like gas and petroleum to make rubber a useful resource and form its derivatives.

Differentiating Between Foam Rubber and Sponge Rubber

Did you know that the foam rubber and sponge rubber are quite different from each other? The two terms are often used interchangeably and unless you work in the rubber industry, the sponge used for cleaning the dishes may seem quite similar to the foam mattress pad. Both are squishy and soft, right?

More on Mandrel Forming

Last month we took a closer look at the mandrel and how Sperry & Rice uses it for their mandrel formed hoses. This month we are digging a little deeper and bringing you behind the scenes to our production floor.

What is a mandrel?

You have probably heard us mention that Sperry & Rice LLC specializes in mandrel formed hose and tube products. But you may be wondering…what is a mandrel?

Material Selection: Butyl

Butyl is a brand of synthetic rubber used in extrusions at Sperry & Rice LLC. Like SBR, butyl rubber (IIR) was developed in 1937 to produce a substitute for supplies cut off by World War II.

Material Selection: Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)?

Styrene-butadiene rubber, also known as SBR, is a synthetic rubber made of styrene and butadiene. At Sperry & Rice LLC, we use SBR in our custom rubber components, extruded gaskets, and sponge rubber products.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9000 family of standards, which includes ISO 9001, helps businesses in any number of industries to evaluate and improve upon quality management.

Modern Cars Wouldn’t Move Without Rubber

When most people consider the construction of a car, no doubt the first material they think of is metal. Of course the exterior of the car is the most obvious element, and then immediately following is the engine—also metal. But while it may be less obvious, one of the most important materials found in every car on the road today is rubber.

Rubber in the Construction Industry

A wide variety of material types is necessary to build a home or a commercial building. Even when the exterior leads an observer to believe that the building is composed of metal, wood, and brick, there are many other types of materials working hard to keep the structure standing and working as it should—including rubber.

What is AutoCAD?

Produced by Autodesk, the “CAD” in AutoCAD stands for “computer aided design,” and is software that allows us to spot design flaws before production, saving time and money.

The Many Varieties of Plastic

Plastic may have a single moniker for common usage, but in truth, there are thousands of different types of plastics, each made up of slightly different components, and used for thousands of different applications.


We are a manufacturing company that specializes in creating precision rubber and cellular parts for the appliance, automotive, transportation, construction, truck, and bus industries. If you are looking for innovative engineering solutions, advanced manufacturing processes, and high standards in quality control, Sperry & Rice Manufacturing Company can deliver.


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