Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Wednesday October 14, 2015

We are a manufacturing company that specializes in creating precision rubber and cellular parts for the appliance, automotive, transportation, construction, truck, and bus industries. If you are looking for innovative engineering solutions, advanced manufacturing processes, and high standards in quality control, Sperry & Rice Manufacturing Company can deliver.

Our team has the experience to produce components of the highest quality. We offer in-house mixing, compounding, custom rubber formulations, rubber lab testing facilities, statistical process controls throughout the process, presses utilizing the latest technology, and tooling for maintenance, repair and engineering changes.

Our engineering staff will work with your team to design a custom product or work with an existing drawing or 3D model to create the tooling to manufacture your product.

With our unique manufacturing method we can create truly custom solutions in a very short timeframe.

You can contact us anytime to request a quote for your manufacturing project. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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