What is a mandrel?

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Friday August 11, 2017

You have probably heard us mention that Sperry & Rice LLC specializes in mandrel formed hose and tube products. But you may be wondering…what is a mandrel?

Mandrels have been recorded in use with metal in ancient Egypt, wood in the 1700’s and countless other materials over the centuries. A mandrel is a shaped bar that is inserted into or next to an item so that the item can be made into a specific shape. In formed hose and tube rubber manufacturing, the shape of the mandrel preserves the shape of the hose/tube during the curing process.mandrel, mandrel formed hose

At Sperry & Rice, we insert mandrels into tubes and hoses to maintain form before it is put into a cure oven. The mandrel prevents the tube from collapsing or creasing. After the part is molded, the mandrel is extracted, leaving a hollow space through which fluids, air, or gas can flow.

Mandrel formed parts are used in a variety of industries. In the automotive industry, mandrel formed hoses are using to transfer fluids, such as gas and wiper fluid. The appliance industry uses mandrel formed hoses and tubes to deliver refrigerant and water. While the HVAC industry relies on mandrel formed parts for coolant and air distribution.

Sperry and Rice leads the mandrel formed part trade with single layer and non-reinforced products. Our customized approach and value-added services guarantee our customers receive the exact product to fit the bill. For more information on mandrel forming and our other capabilities, call 800-541-9277 or contact us online.

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