The Numerous Uses of Rubber Seals and the Benefits of Using Them

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Wednesday May 23, 2018

Rubber, over the years has contributed to various industries. It has led these industries to innovation and advancements, has provided finesse in production, and has met unmatched levels of satisfying the evolving customer expectations and demands.

One of the most widely used rubber products is the rubber seal. Its importance in almost every industry cannot be undermined. The use of rubber seals in various industries is fundamental because rubber is the only material that gives those specifically distinct benefits over other alternatives. That’s why the seals made from rubber are not only long lasting, but also resistant to water, oil and chemicals. Before we move on to discuss the benefits of using rubber seals, let’s first take a look at the various uses of rubber seals.

Window and Door Seals

These customized window and door seals for the automotive industry including cars, trucks and buses provide protection to the internal components of these vehicles. The use of rubber seals in vehicles ensures their long life and durability.

Drum Seals

Drum seals are of high importance as they allow the corrosive chemicals to be transported and stored without any spillage or leakage. Drum seals are also designed according to the specific requirements of the different industries.

Pipe and Duct Seals

Pipe and duct seals ensure that pipes are able to fit into their hoses without any leakage, and that the ducts are properly secured against dust, gas, air, water or fire that might damage the things stored behind them.

Blade Seals

Blade seals are used in the HVAC industry to prevent HVAC damper ducts from corrosion and seepages. These seals allow the cooling and heating systems in your homes to work more efficiently, resulting in a decline in your energy bills.

All types of rubber seals offer convenience and utility. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of using rubber seals in various industries.

  • Rubber seals are very beneficial if used in heavy industries like oil and gas, steel mills, and mining. It provides them convenience in carrying out their mechanical operations.
  • Rubber keeps liquids and gases in their storage containers. That’s why rubber seals are used in gaskets and o-rings within an engine or a piston.
  • Rubber seals are designed to be stable. This stability provides your machinery to work effortlessly for a long term because rubber is a material that can withstand the changes in temperatures, and does not wear off if exposed to chemicals, oils and UV light.
  • If rubber is combined with other materials like plastic and metals, it offers great flexibility to the objects formed.

Sperry & Rice LLC has an experience of more than 70 years in providing HVAC, automobiles, transportation and appliance industries with an unrivaled quality of rubber. Our reputation lies in tailoring rubber seals, hoses and moldings according to the specific requirements of our highly esteemed clients. We make sure that the rubber we provide makes the finished products of our clients consistently good in the market. And that’s how we add value to your products and brands!

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