Working on Personalized Customer Specific Automation Solutions for a Competitive, Global Industry

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Wednesday June 27, 2018

Impressive advancements in plastics and rubber technology have created a new set of industries as well as creating a new stream for new profit gaining opportunities. For manufacturers that belong to the aerospace, falling production costs and improving logistical connections have made it easier for the general usage of such innovative new products creating a lesser dependence on the obsolete. They have simultaneously on the other hand reduced barriers to entry for competitive manufacturers in Asia, Latin America and the Middle, South and Far East.

Certain flexible, scalable automation solutions offer clear advantages for plastics and rubber products over most ceramic and metallic products. Therefore manufacturers generally have been recorded to say that they wish to remain competitive in a dynamic industry which would thereby make sure that they are gaining the most out of it through profits mainly. From production and assembly to packing companies like Kawasaki usually have certain task specific robots that play a rather interesting role at every stage of the manufacturing process ensuring and improving productivity and controlling costs directly from better managing resources and allocating them as they would need to be.

Control Costs and Improve Productivity

Kawasaki’s robots are probably one of the most impressive innovation of the decade as it ensures that they can efficiently handle raw plastic and rubber materials like Sperry and Rice do including bouts with the finished products.

After initial production, our high-speed, flexible robots enhance efficiency and throughput with plastic part picking, sorting, packing and palletizing for finished consumer products like children’s toys, auto components and small household appliances.

Our Design Expertise

The engineering staff which has been serving at the Sperry & Rice LLC has collectively maintained over 60 years of experience in a multitude of fields which include sealing systems, fluid transfer, and manufactured solutions as basics what is more important is that this team is well integrated with the future. This would in this light mean that we can work with your drawings, 3D models, or your staff to design your custom products and create the tooling necessary to manufacture it as well as maintaining it.


One of the most important aspects of development can be attributed to development and testing, the most cost effective way for that would be to have a simulation software which would make it possible to test the custom product in different scenarios despite using some of the most advanced systems including AutoCAD, MasterCAM, and Inventor 2017 which are actively used to custom design parts for you. AutoCAD programs are custom compiled and uploaded to the mills for production of your tooling as well as components of the device you wish to develop.

Give our engineers a call to discuss materials (basically rubbers and plastics that would suit your situation), geometry, and custom solutions for your next project. Sperry and Rice would be more than happy to help you however we can with our advanced techniques and software to better aid you.

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