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Monday October 24, 2022

Sperry & Rice is passionate about developing advanced rubber engineering solutions and manufacturing processes as well as providing personal and professional development for our employees. We are also committed to offering hands-on engineering co-ops to students from the University of Akron College of Engineering and Polymer Science because we believe it is vital to train, encourage, and help start the next generation of engineers on their career paths. The students bring new ideas they are learning in school, which contribute the company to staying tuned into technology and process changes.

Co-ops, short for cooperative education programs, are offered by semester and allow students to work full-time while completing their engineering degree. They are an indispensable way for future engineers to learn valuable skills in their chosen field, how businesses operate, teamwork, and time management, all while applying their college training and knowledge to real-world situations.

This past summer was the first time Sperry & Rice had two co-op students working at the same time.

Carissa Thompson was our chemical engineering co-op and John Bonsey was our mechanical engineering co-op. Both Carissa and John worked all summer and received hands-on experience by helping our other engineers and working with our production workers. They both mentioned that the Sperry & Rice team made them feel very welcomed.

Hannah Eldridge, Sperry & Rice chemical engineer and University of Akron grad, leads the co-op program. She reaches out to our co-op prospects, sets up the interviews, reviews candidate resumes, and works with HR through the hiring process.

I love our co-op program because the students are always eager to help,” says Hannah, “And we’re looking for spring co-ops to learn and earn from New Years to Memorial Day. We’re looking for students with plastics and rubber manufacturing experience, but if they don’t have that, a great attitude, open-mind, and eagerness will certainly go far!

The co-op partnership between Sperry & Rice and the University of Akron began in 2018 and provides paid placements and industry experience to undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Polymer Science. We are currently seeking spring co-ops that want to develop their skills, build a professional network, and get paid to work on advanced rubber engineering projects.

Sperry & Rice has been in the rubber business since the 1940s and offers innovative engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, and comprehensive quality controls to produce precision extruded synthetic rubber components for the HVAC, automotive, transportation, and appliance industries. Our reputation lies in making sure that the rubber we provide makes the finished products of our clients reliable, and of the highest quality.

For more information about a spring co-op at Sperry & Rice, Contact us!

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