Why Synthetic Rubber Has Unique Significance in Various Industries Today

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Wednesday November 21, 2018

The modern world relies heavily on rubber. Both natural and synthetic rubbers have their own importance and are used in countless industries in the manufacturing of various products. The products in which either synthetic or natural rubber is used can are so many that you may find a number of them if you look around yourself. You will easily find various rubber products at your home, at your workplace, in the car that you travel in, and in sports items that you use regularly.

It is not easy to replace the use of synthetic rubber with any other raw material, especially in the transportation industry. Rubber is extensively used in motorbikes, automobiles, trains, and aircraft. Different parts and components of these modes of transportation are made up of rubber.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of synthetic rubber and why is it considered irreplaceable in various industries.

The Many Uses of Synthetic Rubber

Here’s the basic difference between natural rubber and synthetic rubber – natural rubber is extracted from rubber trees, while synthetic rubber is made in factories. Rubber that’s made in factories has some unique properties which meet the requirements of various industries. Synthetic rubber is known for its excellent elasticity, flexibility, and toughness. This is the kind of rubber that is used in consumer products, industrial applications, the medical industry, and the transportation industry.

The Benefits of Synthetic Rubber

There are a number of known benefits of synthetic rubber, but some of its features make it the preferred raw material in industries all over the world:

  • Its remarkable elasticity and amazing resistance to water.
  • Its strong resistance to alkalis as well as other acids that have weak properties.
  • Its adhesiveness, toughness, impermeability, and its excellent resistance to electricity.
  • It is also resistant to oxygen, oil, solvents, and various other chemicals.
  • It doesn’t wear off easily.
  • If exposed to high temperatures, its flexibility is not compromised.


The Uses of Synthetic Rubber

It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that synthetic rubber is primarily used to make tires. Although synthetic rubber needs to be mixed with carbon in order to make sturdy tires, it is still the main element used in tires. Next, synthetic rubber is used widely to make quality medical accessories, like latex gloves.

Even the less elastic quality of rubber is of immense importance. Such a quality of rubber is used to make aircraft tires, waterproof gaskets, and hose pipes. If you’re looking for the best quality of rubber or if you wish to get customized rubber items made for your business, get in touch with Sperry & Rice LLC, share your product specifications, and request a quote today.

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