What is AutoCAD?

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Tuesday March 15, 2016

Produced by Autodesk, the “CAD” in AutoCAD stands for “computer aided design,” and is software that allows us to spot design flaws before production, saving time and money.

We are able to create true-to-life diagrams and schematics that make it easier to see where things could go wrong with a design. The analysis function of AutoCAD lets us determine stress points, how well pieces will fit together, and where there could be improvement for better movement, stability or strength.

When you bring us a concept, we start by sketching it out in AutoCAD and making adjustments based on early analysis.

After we’ve worked out the initial issues, we can then test how the product will perform. We can generate a simulated version of the prototype and show it in action. This would otherwise be impossible without investing the time and resources in developing a real-life prototype. The simulation lets us see if the product will work as intended; if not, we can make any necessary changes before it goes into production.

Then we simulate a variety of environments and stresses on the prototype. This lets us find out if the product will function in extreme environments or under high-stress conditions. These simulations also provide a demonstration of a prototype’s expected performance over time, allowing accurate estimates to be made on a product’s functional life span before requiring maintenance or replacement.

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