Rubber Use in HVAC Companies

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Friday August 31, 2018

These HVAC units are stronger, lighter, and more cost effective than in the past. Sperry & Rise is skilled in preparing and fabricating custom gaskets, seals, gap pads, and weather-stripping for the HVAC industry. These are high quality products and components that tend to outlast the original housing machine quite easily. Quality is not even a problem given the situation these products seem to work much better.

Sperry & Rice’s custom products tend to be used in multiple industries for many different kinds of solutions. HVAC tends to use some of these solutions to seal out debris in air conditioning units. They even employ it to reduce motor noise and vibration making it a more useful and sound solution.

The Sperry & Rice team has had an extensive amount of experience in working with sealing HVAC systems, fluid transfer, manufacturing and working with almost impossible deadlines. This makes us one of the most flexible companies out there, a lot like the rubber products we deliver to you.

Our products are made with a rather sophisticated blend of rubber to meet the customer’s specific requirements. This is true for all our rubber products as they are suited to most environments. This can be from the icy “too colds” to the scorching “too hots” these rubber products would wow you everywhere.

Some of the parts we create for HVAC companies include:

  • Edge Guards
  • Screw Cover Gaskets
  • Thermal Break
  • Weather-stripping
  • Duct or Pipe Seals
  • Condensate Tubing
  • Damper Blade Seals
  • Access Door Gaskets

Some of the most sophisticated devices used in HVAC are out of rubber and with the experience Sperry & Rice have they can only make it better. It is a matter of understanding what the perfect blend of talent, ideation and experience is and to achieve it.

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