The Importance of Synthetic Rubber in Today’s World

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Friday May 18, 2018

Our modern society is heavily dependent on the use of rubber – both natural and synthetic.

Products made from rubber are widely used everywhere. You would find numerous rubber products in your home, at your work, in different modes of transportation including cars, bikes, trains and aircraft, etc.

Similarly, the industrial sector uses rubber to make hoses, gaskets and belts. All these products are either made from natural or synthetic rubber.

Before we discuss the importance of synthetic rubber, let’s first get familiar with the difference between natural and synthetic rubber.

Natural & Synthetic Rubber

Natural rubber is a type of a polymer that is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. After collecting this sap, it is exposed to mild heat and air. This process gives us natural rubber which is very hard, but it gets soft and elastic once it is vulcanized – heated with sulfur. On the other hand, synthetic rubber is an artificial elastomer (also a polymer) produced in factories using various catalysts in the process.

The Use of Synthetic Rubber

Rubber produced in factories is made to have properties which meet the requirements of the industries where it will be used. It’s elasticity, toughness and flexibility is best for making products that are used in transportation, consumer products, industrial products and medical sector. The many uses of synthetic rubber are because of its following properties:

  • Its elasticity and water resistance
  • Its resistance to alkalis and other weak acids
  • Its toughness, adhesiveness, impermeability and its resistance to electricity


Advantages of Using Synthetic Rubber

The advantages of using synthetic rubber in modern industries stem from its incomparable weathering qualities. Synthetic rubber is resistant to solvents, oxygen, oils, and certain other chemicals. This makes it age better than its alternatives. Also, synthetic rubber doesn’t lose its flexibility when exposed to wide range of temperature.

Applications of Synthetic Rubber

The majority of rubber (natural or synthetic) is used to make tires. However, it’s mixed with a filler agent like carbon black to make sturdy and tough tires. After tires, there is a variety of products where synthetic rubber is used like adhesives and latex gloves. A slightly harder, more durable and less elastic quality of rubber is used extensively for making aircraft tires, hose pipes, and even waterproof gaskets.

Here’s a brief industry wise breakup of the use of synthetic rubber:

  • Transportation industry is the biggest user of rubber to manufacture tires.
  • Construction industry uses rubber in elevator belts, hoses, tubes and seismic bearings etc.
  • Industries making consumer goods use rubber to make footwear, erasers and sports good etc.
  • Healthcare industry uses rubber in making surgical gloves, contraceptives and catheters etc.

Given that rubber is such a widely used material in the industries since decades, Sperry & Rice LLC has an experience of more than 70 years in serving HVAC, automobiles, transportation and appliance industries with unparalleled quality synthetic rubber. Our reputation lies in making sure that the rubber we provide makes the finished products of our clients reliable, and of the best standard. You can get in touch with us today to find out how we can add value to your business. Contact us and you’ll see the difference.

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