Maintaining Your HVAC Systems

Posted By:  Sperry & Rice
Friday September 28, 2018

While it is important to never meddle with your HVAC system too much, maintaining it is an important responsibility as an owner. If a system isn’t well-maintained, it will break down a lot and result in high costs. Breakdown of HVAC systems can impact the comfort of your home since these systems directly impact the quality of life at home.

Neglecting broken components or other problems can decrease their effectiveness. This will result in high energy bills as well as high replacement costs. It is important to know how to maintain your HVAC system.

Cleaning the Filters

Other things you may need to inspect are the filters of the system. Damaged filters can bring mold, dust, soot, and ash into the air of your home. It is important to clean or replace these filters regularly to avoid health concerns. Low quality of air can irritate your eyes, nose, and cause a sore throat. It can even result in respiratory problems since mold can affect breathing.

Fixing Leaks

Make sure that any leaks in the system are fixed at once. Some leaks like carbon monoxide leaks in the heat exchanger of your HVAC system can be very dangerous. If you feel as though the components in your HVAC system are developing leaks often, replace with new parts.

It is important to never neglect leaks since they can directly impact costs on your family. The biggest cost is health concerns. Carbon monoxide leaks can affect the health of the family and decrease the quality of air in the house. Other costs include an increase in energy bills and fuel costs since the HVAC system will be working harder to accommodate for the leaks. Leaks may also allow the cool air or heat to escape from the air ducts, which makes the system inefficient.

Time of Maintenance

It is important to inspect your HVAC systems from beforehand. For example, heating systems aren’t usually used unless winter comes along. Systems may develop problems from disuse. Before winter is here, inspect your system completely. This will ensure that when the season arrives, there will be no problems with the heating system.

Dealing with Components

There are many things inside the HVAC system that need attention. Such systems can develop broken components over time due to overuse or corrosion. It is important to replace with quality parts to reduce the need to replace them again.

Inspecting the whole system properly is very important since there are many places where broken components may develop. For example, the unit where fuel is burnt can develop a lot of soot and corrosion. It is important to clean the unit properly. Make sure this is done properly to avoid problems.

Even if the components aren’t broken, it is important to service them properly. They can face wear and tear causing them to break down frequently. Oiling and lubricating are very important to reduce corrosion from friction.

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